Outpatient Services - provides counseling in the following areas:

Psychological Assessments and Evaluations - evaluates clients overall functioning.

Intensive In-Home - provides family therapy for children who have behavioral difficulties in the home. The goal is to stabilize behaviors and strengthen families.

Early Intervention - teaches parents more effective communication and useful behavior management techniques within the family.  The goal is to strengthen the relationship between the child and family.

Behavior Support Specialist - assists children and teens in the community, school and home.  The goal is to teach appropriate social behavior.

In-School Behavior Support Specialist - children with emotional and behavioral difficulties who are at risk of being susupended from school have a great rate of success when receiving this service. This is a one on one service provided by a behavioral support specialist in the school setting.

Parent Mentoring - teaches parents additional skills to help them parent children who have mental health issues.  The goal is to improve healthy families by promoting healthy parents.

Mental Health Support - provides assistance to older teens and adults to help them function more independently at home and in the community.  The goal is to help improve the overall quality of their life and increase their independence.

Therapeutic Day Treatment - designed for students who have emotional/behavioral problems in the school, where there is a risk of being suspended or placed in an alternative school. The goal is to help the student learn classroom behavioral skills.

Bilingual Therapy - services youth in Spanish speaking homes to improve parent-child interaction, reduce behavioral and emotional issues and improve parenting skills.

Intensive Substance Abuse - provides assessment, testing and treatment to or for adolescents and adults with substance abuse issues.  The service aims at working with youth, adults and the family to stabilize behavior and prevent out of home placement.

Transitional Independent Living Skills (TILS) - the service is designed for older teens and young adults who have emotional and behavioral difficulties and who are not ready to live independently. The service provides therapeutic services in areas such as education, employment, daily living skills and social skills and community living.


Referrals and Funding

If you would like to make a referral, please download our referral form and fax to one of our offices. Or you can directly call one of our offices.

Referral  - for any service may be made by:

Funding  - Medicaid for Medicaid eligible clients and approved services; FAPT; Public Agency funds; and private pay.