About Crossroads Counseling Center, Inc.

Crossroads Counseling Center, Inc. (CCC) has been serving the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia since 1999. CCC provides services that are evidenced-based and outcomes driven, using sound therapeutic practices to help clients reach their goals. Our clinical staff use a strength-based perspective to help individuals challenge their emotional, social and behavioral needs. We engage individuals and families in all aspects of treatment, from initial treatment planning and development to discharge planning, to ensure that the services are a reflection of their specific needs and goals. Our aim is to have a positive impact on each person we serve so that he or she will experience a more meaningful and fulfilled life.


Our Mission is to “strengthen individuals and families” so that they can be successful in their homes
and communities.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the principles of dignity and respect as a foundation of service, and to the goals of
recovery for those we serve. We strongly believe in the importance of working collaboratively with
individuals, their families, and our community partners to provides the skills and support that people
need to move forward in their lives.

CCC offers an array of wrap-around services that can support an individual throughout all stages of
recovery and growth. Bilingual Specialists are available to provide therapeutic services for individual for
whom Spanish is the primary language.

CCC employs highly qualified clinical, supervisory, and administrative staff. Supervisors are credentialed
in their field and have the necessary experience to provide quality clinical oversight. Staff receive on-
going professional training in treatment interventions with demonstrated effective outcomes. CCC
regularly reviews it programs to ensure the provision of consistent quality care, to monitor adherence to
state and company policies, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

CCC is a mental health provider licensed by the VA Department of Behavioral and Developmental
Services for Intensive In-Home, Therapeutic Day Treatment for Children/Adolescents, Mental Health
Community Supports, and Outpatient/Substance Abuse Services. We are a participating provider with
the VA Department of Medical Assistance Services (Medicaid) health plans, some private insurance
plans, and also accept funding from other community sources.